December 8, 2013

Carseats. It's about time.

With your first kid, you are oh so eager for each milestone. Including carseats. (Who knew that was a milestone?) You begrudgingly pay for the convertible carseat after what seems such a short time in the infant carseat just because you are eager to turn that kid around and see what it is they do in the car all the time.

The second kid isn't in quite such a rush because that means the purchase of yet another carseat. But alas, you can only squeeze them into that infant carseat for so long.

By the time the third kid comes around, the first infant carseat is kind of trashed and the whole carseat system has been overhauled since your first baby. (Turns out carseats are updated and outdated about as fast as computers these days.) So you find yourself buying a whole spanking new carseat for this third baby who you are determined deserves some new things of their very own. And that new and improved carseat lasts longer than previous models. So this kid gets almost double the time in infant carseat. But, inevitably, the older kids are beginning to outgrow their seats and move into boosters, so you buy some more, spare yourself from totaling how many carseats you've purchased at this point, and shift everyone around.

The fourth kid? Yikes. More than two years later, you find yourself in the midst of this mess:

If you count carefully, that's four carseats in various stages of disassembly and disarray. And by now, shifting everyone around, cleaning, reassembly and installation ends up being an all day affair!

After a week of temps reminiscent of our days in the frozen tundra, resulting heavy bulky coats that make it nearly impossible to buckle a kid in a carseat, our 8th carseat of our parenting career finally arrived on our doorstep. Which means, at 2 years, 1 month and 3 days, it's finally time to move this cutie out of her "baby seat" and turn her around!

And just in time to make room for that puffy coat!

December 4, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

(Except for Summer. Let that be clear!)

Baby, it's cold outside! No joke.

And I am doing my best to not complain about it. No one likes a complainer. And you can only read so many Facebook posts about the weather before it gets old. AND, I'm from Minnesota. And proud of it. And therefore immune to cold because after all, no one knows cold like Minnesotans, right? As natives of the frozen tundra, we scoff at the top news stories proclaiming record breaking temps of -13 degrees. Coloradans still don't know real cold.

But as I keep reminding people, there is a reason I left Minnie.

But truth be told, there was something good for my soul in shoveling the driveway this morning in the magical winter wonderland. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The light snow, cool air, the monotony of the shovel motions and the clang of the metal blade on the concrete, followed by hot chocolate and Christmas carols invigorated me, gave me cause to believe Christmas really is just around the corner, and most importantly transported me across decades and nearly a thousand miles like none other.

LOVE living in Colorado, but my heart still calls Minnesota home!
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