December 9, 2010


Whew, as always, I am so behind.  Halloween was already a lifetime ago, but I can't resist a chance to share these pictures of my favorite little people in the world!!  They were so excited for Halloween this year!  This was the first time that they really got the idea of dressing up.  Sophia talked for months about what she wanted to be.  She was convinced for several months that she wanted to be a frog, and I was all about it and the non-traditional girl "princess" costume.  But then just a few weeks before Halloween, she changed her mind.  Only to come up with yet another non-traditional girl costume.

Poor Noah had his heart set on being a cow.  And then an airplane.  He got neither.  Both of these ideas would have been just fine, had I not had a perfectly great chicken costume in just his size.  And even though he was insistent that he was going to be an airplane (all the way up until we left the house on Halloween night in the chicken costume), he actually loved the chicken get-up, and wore it well, I should say!

Phoebs?  Well, let's just say she's the 3rd in the family to "Moo" for her first Halloween!

Borrowing Big Sis's Halloween Costume

We braved "Boo at the Zoo" the day before Halloween.  I figured it wasn't necessary to roast Phoebe that day and torture her with a full day as a cow.  Poor Noah had to have been dying, it was mid-70's that day.

What can we say?  Nielson blood must be part bovine.

Waiting their turns.

And there they are.  I think I decided that after this year, I am going to make a day of dressing them up in their costumes to get the pictures, and then leave the camera behind for actual Halloween events.  I'd rather enjoy the fun than waste the entire night behind the camera trying to capture the perfect shots.  (Either that, or I just need to get better with the camera so the "perfect shots" come more naturally rather than seeming like so much work.)
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