November 1, 2009

Where All Your Dreams Come True

So it turns out I'm terrible at blogging! Forgive me! It's all I can do these days to transfer pictures from the camera to the computer, much less post them somewhere once I've done that!

But I did want to share some of our Florida pictures with anyone who might be interested. The whole idea of OUR family taking our small children to Disney World still makes me laugh. I never thought I would be that parent. But we had the opportunity to go before our next baby comes, and I've seen how our kids' faces light up at the sight of the characters, and I couldn't help thinking how fun it would be to take them while it's all still so magical. Tim took a little more convincing - but not a lot! And while we don't want to fall into typical American consumeristic, entertain me mentalities, in some ways our dreams really did come true at Disney.

We got to spend a solid week together, both parents home to put the kids to bed every night, with lots of quality time. What more could we have asked for? We could have counted our number of phone calls on one hand, the internet was mainly used to scope out our destination for the next day, text messages didn't seem to top more than a couple a day, AND the TV was on mostly for baseball playoffs AND even a Vikings game! How beautiful is that? I'm a little surprised that both of us survived at being so disconnected. But not only did we survive, we thrived.

Our time in Florida was pretty much perfect. Besides all the time together, we had a near perfect balance of doing and resting. The weather was warm, but not hot or too sticky. We saw Sea World, Sea World's water park, Aquatica, Disney World, had breakfast in a Disney resort with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, and explored Downtown Disney a couple of different times.

Now, if only I could keep it all alive in the kids' memory!

Meeting Ariel- Sophia's favorite.

Noah really liked Pooh and Tigger- more than we would have thought, considering he really doesn't know them at all...

They were both very excited to meet Mickey. And afterward, Noah said of Mickey and Minnie, "They're really nice!" (Which just doesn't quite have the same effect when you don't hear it in his voice.)

Cinderella's castle

Waiting for dinner at the T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney. (Think Rainforest Cafe with a dinosaur theme, complete with meteor showers!)

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