October 28, 2010

Fall Fun

Every year, we venture across the street for the annual Harvest Festival.  It's tons of fun for the kids, and tons of fun for the wannabe photographer in me.  After all, what's cuter than sweet kids and lots of pumpkins?  By the end of every year, I always feel like some of our best pictures of the year come from the Harvest Festival.  I learned this year, though, that it gets harder each year.  As the number of kids grow, it becomes more and more impossible to get all three to cooperate simultaneously AND to actually be excited about smiling for a camera!  I'm all about candids, but everyone would like at least one good picture with everyone looking at the lens and smiling.  Here are some of my best efforts from this year.

PS-  You may or may not notice the change of clothing from last year's event.  As it turns out, probably not since it seems I never posted those pictures.  Oops.  Last year, 20 degrees, snow flurries, hats, mittens, snowpants, and all things winter.

And here are just a few others from things we've done this month that fall into the category of "It's definitely October":

Happy Halloween, Friends!

A Growing Babe

Watch my Sweetest P grow!!!  I've been more intentional about taking regular pictures of her each month to document how small she once was!  (Funny how that happens with the 3rd kid- when you have far less time to do so, but when you have learned that time just passes FAR too quickly!)

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