March 25, 2008

Meeting Titus

We finally made it to Minnesota to meet the newest addition to the Ulferts family! Our trip was short, but it was so much fun to see everyone. The older our kids get, the more fun our family visits get to be. Sophia especially talks about her uncles all the time and always wants to know where they are and what they are doing. And she is fascinated with Oma's house and Opa's car. She always wants to know about Opa's car!!

This was the first time Sophia had her own seat on the plane, and thank GOODNESS!!! We are so grateful it's such a short flight. Sophia is still awed at the whole idea of flying and "going in the sky", so it wasn't hard to keep her entertained. Three days later, she is still talking about the man putting the "green stuff" on the plane for de-icing. Noah, however, is not quite as interested in airplanes-yet. Right, he is more concerned about the lack of mobility that comes with airplanes! Keeping him contained and occupied was exhausting! And we weren't even in the air for two full hours! This does NOT make me look forward to road trips with this kid.

Sophia with Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Eric

Noah playing with Uncle Ryan

The cousins! Sophia, Noah and Titus

The rapidly growing Ulferts family

Sophia has talked about Uncle Ryan's three legged cat for months- I think she might have been just as excited to meet him as she was Baby Titus!

Todd's fiancee Ashley, Sophia, and Uncle Todd coloring Easter eggs

Snuggling with Titus

March 5, 2008

Noah's First Birthday

So I've discovered that I'm terrible at keeping this blog updated! I have no idea how some people find time to do it daily. I'm just not that way! But I'm promising to try and do better!

So Noah's 1st birthday came and went so fast. I can't believe it's been a whole year! People ALWAYS tell me, as a parent of very young children, how fast time goes and how fast they grow. Mine may be little, but I'm learning that already.

Noah continues to be our happy, "Sweet Boy" as he is dubbed by many friends. He is content most of the time and always has huge smiles of greeting, of pride, of accomplishment, and of just plain good-naturedness! the kid is almost always happy. Especially now that he has learned how to move; he's all over the place. His favorite this are to open and close, open and close, and open and close any kinds of drawers and cupboards. And now that he's really mobile, he has just discovered "getting into stuff". He loves the bathroom cabinets, the bookshelves, the dishwasher, etc.

His birthday party ended up being more work than I intended, but it was a pretty big hit. We went to a local bounce house with just a few of his closest friends. Here are a few select sneak peaks:

The cake

Playing with one of his favorite gifts. The boy now finally owns some distinctly "boy" toys!

Ready for cake!

Eating- one of Noah's favorite activities!

Playing at the bounce house with mom.
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