August 26, 2011

Some Things Just Aren't Learned

My "baby" started school last week.  Not sure how that happened.  And no surprise to anyone, she loves school.  It's me that's having a hard time adjusting to this school every day thing.  At the end of each day, I think ahead that at least we'll get a breather tomorrow, but then realize that's not the case.  She goes every day now, and we'll just go through the same thing again tomorrow.  And school nights.  Don't get me started on how they cramp our life style!  :)

Noah is devastated that he hasn't started yet, and daily stands at the door and cries as Tim takes Sophia off for another day of adventure without him.

Anyway, the start of school sure has sparked interesting conversations around here.  And proven to me that there are some things that the kids just don't learn: they're born with these ideas.

On Monday this week, we got into a conversation about Gym/PE.  I wasn't sure if Sophia knew that these terms were interchangeable until I heard her talking about PE.  I asked if she had any idea what PE meant, and it was no surprise that she was clueless.  The conversation went something like this:
Me: "Well, P is for physical, so it's your body and moving, and E is for education, which is learning.  So instead of learning about reading or writing, your learning about exercise."
Noah: "Oh, I'm gonna be good at PE!"

The next day I asked, "Noah, what is going to be the best part about school this year?"
Noah's answer: "Gym."
(Don't forget: he's just starting preschool.  He has never had gym.  Preschool doesn't have gym.)
Boys will be boys!

Sophia also brought home her first homework this week.  (I won't even start my rant about a kindergartner coming home with homework on the fourth day of school.)  I pulled it out of her backpack and exclaimed, "Wow!  You have homework!"

I am not sure either Sophia or Noah has ever heard that word before in their lives, much less have any idea what it is.  But would you believe they BOTH responded with, "Aw, homework!  I don't like homework!"

On an unrelated note, this would be an ironic time to mention that we have been working on whining/arguing/complaining lately, and have spent a lot of time repeating the verse from Philippians 2:14, "Do everything without arguing or complaining."  (Including homework!  :)
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