September 6, 2008

Sophia's Birthday Party

We had a VERY small party for Sophia's birthday, with just a few of her closest friends and their families. Summer birthdays are so easy (at least when the kids are this little) because we can play in the park right across the street, have dinner, have cupcakes, and splash in the pool to clean up when we are all done! So that is exactly what we did- with a carbon copy agenda from Sophia's party next year.

We had been round and round about what kind of party Sophia wanted this year. She started out wanting a "sheep cake," mostly because Noah had sheep cupcakes and she had those stuck in her brain. It wasn't my first choice, since it had already been done in our house, but if that's what she wanted, that's what we were going to do. Then we went to one of her friend's birthday parties with a ladybug theme, so that was her next plan. I didn't want to be a thief, so I tried talking her into something else. The next idea was a princess party. This would have fit her perfectly, but she has maybe more boy friends than girl, and how was that going to go over? I am sure they would not find it nearly as fun to be little princes as girls do to be princesses. So finally, I sat Sophia down with me to look online and get some ideas.

FINALLY, we came up with something I could work with. She saw Curious George party paraphenalia and was hooked! I was thrilled; it would be too easy.

I told Tim and he said, "Didn't she already have a Curious George party?" Way to rain on my parade. Yes, she did, but I thought that would be good; I thought I even had some of the supplies left over that we could just reuse! (Turns out, I think they were long gone, and I had to start all over from scratch.) But, Sophia was excited about it, I talked it up, and it all worked out very nicely! She had a GREAT time!

And she totally gets the fact that she is NOT 2 any more. She will be only too proud to tell you that she is "FREE!"

Now she is gearing up for Tim's big birthday later this month. She's packed presents for him already (a recycled gift bag from her party, full of baby's accessories and play kitchen utensils), and she keeps talking about how Daddy is going to be old this year!

Monkey cupcakes

Noah loves some sunglasses!

Chilling with the party favors
Will Ballard, Mia Heck, and Andy Robinson
(Sophia's best friends)

Ready for a party! How can you not love that face?

We play in the pool in our underwear around here
(Curious George underwear for this occasion!)

Always the princess, blowing out her candles

Opening presents

The shirt was her gift from Will. Does he know her well, or what? She has now taken to saying every time she wears the shirt, "Mommy, why I'm a chatterbox? Because I talk so much?"

Sophia's 3rd Birthday

Sophia's birthday happened to fall on a Friday this year, which is perfect because that is Tim's day off work. We had grand plans to take her swimming some where- either the local water park called Pirate's Cove or one of our local reservoirs (yes, folks, for all of you back in Minnesota, we do not have real lakes, we have two local reservoirs, which we generally avoid, but thought that Sophia would have a great time at the beach on her birthday). Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with our plans, and it was cold and rainy all day. And in all actuality, I think Sophia might just have pre-arranged that with God, anyway.

Since Noah's birthday is in the winter, we hosted his birthday party at a nearby bounce house. In the week prior to Sophia's special day, she had been telling me that she wanted to go to the "bouncy place" for her party just like Noah did. This was NOT the plan for her, but she kept talking about it. (How does she even remember these things, anyway?) I was convinced that the Bounce House was closed for the summer, but upon waking up to pouring rain on Sophia's birthday, a quick internet check proved me wrong. So Sophia's wish came true and we spent the morning at the Bounce House! (As did every one else in the city because of the rain :)

Sophia's 1st present of the day (hence the pajamas!)

Sophia's favorite present of the day- Sleeping Beauty dress and accessories.

Clearly Mom is not a natural cake decorator, but Sophia loved it!

My little princess is growing up too fast!

Ready for some cake- FINALLY!

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