January 6, 2011


We had my WHOLE family in our house for Christmas.  Every single one of them.  And it was fabulous.  A ton of work, but so worth every minute.  And as they were leaving, I had the bittersweet realization that that will most likely be the last time we will all fit under one roof again.  How sad!!!

But we sure did have fun while they were here.  So much fun that I didn't take hardly any pictures.  I sure wish I would have gotten more, especially of my sweet niece and nephew while they were here, but there simply wasn't time to grab the camera.

My sweetheart playing Mary in the preschool Christmas program

Very messy gingerbread houses at our birthday party for Jesus

Boys and their toys.  Playing toolbench.

Cousin Mackenzie.

Matching jammies from Oma.  And kids who didn't cooperate for a picture.

Love 'em.  To pieces.

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