November 6, 2008

Fall in the Rockies

Last month, we made a conscious attempt to get up to the mountains to enjoy fall in Colorado. Although I would have preferred a good, long hike, it didn't work out that way. By the time we were finally able to find a free weekend, it was late enough in the season that it was too cold up in the higher elevations. So we settled for a day in Estes Park. We were looking forward to seeing all kinds of animals, as Estes Park boasts of it's elk population. In fact, while we were there, they were preparing for the Elk celebration that would begin the next day. For those of you who haven't witnessed it, the elk roam freely through the town of Estes Park and are no uncommon sight right along the main drag through town!

We ended up seeing a pair just as we were pulling into town, but that turned out to be about the extent of our time. Tim had never been into Rocky Mountain National Park, and so we debated long and hard, and then decided to spend the exorbitant fee to get our van into the Park. We spent most of the day meandering through the Park, both in the van, and on foot.

We found one little trail that wound around Sprague Lake that was just over a half a mile long. (Or short maybe would be a better word.) But it was a perfect length for the kids, so we decided to give it a go. Although the day was overcast, it was still beautiful. Sophia walked, or more realistically ran (she claimed she was "taking some exercise) most of the way, and even Noah hoofed a good portion of the trail on his own.

A little dock on the Sprague Lake

Noah was so excited to climb over these rocks. Until he got stuck like this.

Sophia takes a little break from all her exercise.

Noah was very excited about all the water.

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