June 19, 2007

Minnesota Days

No matter how many days we spend in Minnesota, each trip seems to get shorter and shorter with never enough time to do everything we want to do. But we sure do have fun! We just got back yesterday, and I'm not sure whose more wiped out- me (Amy) or the kids. I can't believe how well the kids tolerated the constant activity while we were gone. It seemed like we just never stopped going. We were even so brave as to try our first day without any nap (and although it's amazing how well it went, it's still not something I recommend!). Has anyone every seen a toddler loopy from a lack of sleep? It's hilarious and pathetic all at once! In our handful of days in Minnesota, we packed in the park and splashing rocks in the river, the beach, the boat, and waterskiing, reliving our childhoods by digging out all the toys that were stored at my parents, a Twins game, church and a new nursery, the Children's Museum, and even a few games of Cornhole.

It was so fun to experience it all through Sophia's eyes. It's been a LONG time since I've found the joy in throwing rocks in the Mississippi, but I think Sophia could have spent hours collecting rocks and making them "pwash". I also had the thought that I'm sad we don't live near so many lakes. I would love to take Sophia to the beach more often to get her used to the water. She didn't seem to like her first boat ride too much, but the second time was much better because she was busy watching Uncle "Wya" wakeboard. She kept saying "bath" and when he would fall, she would say "all done." And for as hard as we've tried, I don't think Sophia's super thrilled with Twins games yet! She's been listening to them on the radio since way back to her "in utero" days, but she was more interested in the popcorn and snacks at the Dome than the actual game.

Overall, we had a great time. I always say I love living in Colorado, but each time we visit Minnesota during the summer, I think about moving back. There are so many great things about the summer months, not to mention being near family has it's perks, too!

Noah meets Opa- and seems to enjoy him quite a bit!

Where's the beach?


Did I forget to mention we visited the Curious George exhibit at the Children's Museum in St. Paul? Noah wasn't all that thrilled with it, but I don't think Sophia has ever been so excited in her life! Every new display she saw was more exciting than the last. "OOOH, JUGE!!!" She would exclaim over and over.

This would be "pwash"ing rocks in the river. It took us awhile, but we finally figured out that "pwash" really means splash, which is actually a lot of fun! (And so much easier when your throws are so short you can pick up the same rocks over and over and over again!)

June 11, 2007

Single Parenting

So it seems I've (Amy) survived a week as a single parent- and I'm SO glad I don't have to do it all the time! The week has actually gone much faster than I thought it would, but I realized today that I'm thoroughly exhausted. (I had this thought while I was trying to unsuccessfully take a nap while both kids were telling me they didn't want to take naps this afternoon!) We've had a busy and productive week. Noah is now sleeping basically from 7pm to 7am, and Sophia wants to be outside every possible minute! We've been to the mall, the grocery store, on playdates, to church, to the library, and tomorrow we're headed to the pool. We went out for dinner tonight, and it was AWESOME to not have to clean up any dishes afterward! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures of our adventures.

Noah's version of the Lazy Boy

Smiley Boy!

Thank God for thumbs! Noah has finally found his, and this is what's allowed him (ie: me) to sleep through the night.

Sophia "rides" her "bite".

Summer Girl


June 7, 2007

Welcome to our Blog

We're so glad you've stopped by to visit! We've created this blog to show you all what's happening in our lives. Who knows how often we'll have time to update it, but we are excited to share pictures and events from our lives with you. We hope you enjoy seeing what we're up to; don't forget to let us know you visited!
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