June 22, 2011

Classic Noah

Noah's had a few great Noahisms the last couple of days that are worthy of preserving for the archives.

On Monday, we were discussing what it would be like to find out if our newest baby is a boy or a girl.  I asked him what he would say if he found out it was a boy.  His answer, "Thank you GOD that our baby is a BOY."  Followed a few minutes later with, "We already have enough girls."

He started VBS at church on Monday, and as he was getting ready to leave with Tim, I had this flash forward to him in his class with his best buddies and all the trouble he could potentially cause, all in the name of fun and silliness.  It was almost a moment of panic.  On Tuesday, after his second day, I asked him if he was good that day.  He answered, "Yeah.  I didn't bite anyone.  And I didn't lick anyone."  (As if that isn't enough of a good story, it's important to note that he commented on not licking anyone b/c the day before, he did lick one of his junior high aged teachers while pretending to be a lion.)

Last night, he was playing with one of his very best buddies with a Noah's Ark toy.  I overheard him tell Carter, "And I'M going to drive the boat because I'M Noah!!!!"
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