July 24, 2007

Toes and other stuff

Noah has had quite the month, with all kinds of firsts. His biggest discovery is that he has found his toes! In fact, he has decided they are his favorite thing to play with these days. He's finally started to grab for other toys, but more often than not his preference is his own toes. He has also had his first adventures in the swings at the park. He loves swinging! And Sophia loves to swing next to him and tell the whole world that "Noah flying!" and "Sophia flying!" Noah has also started riding in the actual stroller seat occasionally (instead of lying down), and Sophia loves to tell the whole world that "NOAH!" is behind her.

Sophia's other new trick is that she has discovered the word "mine." And while we knew it was inevitable, it's still not so fun. I'm not sure entirely where it came from, since the first time she said it, it was entirely out of the blue and unexpected, but I guess maybe that proves that it's just inherent in human nature? Anyway, she's only used it a few times, but I'm sure it won't be long before we're really tired of the word! She does have some much more fun phrases, too. She likes to say "Mama coming" whenever I'm not within arms reach, and she frequently tells me, "Noah miling" (translation: Noah's smiling). She definitely has not figured out pronouns and prepositions yet, but she is beginning to link several words together, and the other night she told me, "Mama, eyes, blue." Which was particularly amusing since Mama's eyes are, in fact, green!

The most exciting news in her world is her upcoming birthday. She recently went to a party for one of her favorite friends, which was held at a local park which happens to be very large. Her friends family also had a small version of a bounce house at the party, and that's the first thing Sophia remembers about the party. She's going to be awfully disappointed to learn that there will be no bounce house at her party, but she is certainly looking forward to the event! I think it's helped that she went to a party so close to hers because she now understands what it's all about and gets so excited every time we talk about her birthday!

She is also very excited to have another cousin this winter. She clearly has no idea of the concept of cousins, but she does know that "Dretcha baby" in her "tummy", so I know she's aware of the whole event. She's been asking to see Gretchen's baby, so I think she might be a little disappointed next week when Eric and Gretchen get here and she can't actually see the baby yet! Soon enough, soon enough!


That would be Sophia's version of today's events. My side of the story contains slightly more detail.

It was a typical lunch affair at the Nielson's- Sophia in her high chair enjoying pita bread, orange peppers and cottage cheese. Noah was playing somewhat contentedly on the floor. I was scrounging scraps of whatever I was giving to Sophia. Noah, however, was ready for an early nap, seeing as how we had already been to the doctor's office this morning for a vaccine for him. He didn't get much of a morning nap, so by 12:30, he was ready for some sleep.

Every time it happens, I think that I wish there were another way, but I took Noah downstairs for his nap, leaving Sophia in her high chair with her lunch. I came back up to find Sophia with a finger up her nose. Of course we discussed how that was not a good place to put fingers, but then when I looked again, her nose was rather red, and she just couldn't keep her fingers away.

I didn't really figure it out until she started saying, "Pepper, nose!" And can you believe the pepper was so far up her nose, I couldn't even see it? So I started replaying my way too many first aid training courses and wondering if I was really going to have to call our pediatrician and tell them I needed to bring my kid in because she had a piece of pepper stuck in her nose? I got Sophia out of her high chair and tried to investigate if there was anyway I could get the pepper out myself. That's when I realized there was not one piece of pepper stuck up one side of her nose, but multiple pieces in both sides!!! By this time, the kid was totally wheezing around the peppers.

I got the tweezers out of the bathroom, and successfully managed to pull one piece out of the right side, but didn't think there was much of a prayer of me getting the piece out of the left side without pushing it further in. I sat Sophia up and had her blow, and this is when the third piece came out of the right side! Good grief, she almost had a whole garden in there!

At this point, I realized, yes, I was going to have to call the pediatrician's office, and yes, we were going to have to take her in. I called the doctor's office and had to explain to the call center "what was going on with Sophia today" and had to explain that no, it wasn't ground pepper in her nose, it was a piece of orange pepper almost an inch long! After 10-15 minutes on hold, they told me to bring her in. They scheduled an appointment for an hour and fifteen minutes from that time at an office that isn't our usual office b/c no one at our regular office was answering the phone, but if we came right away, they might be able to squeeze us in sooner. Who says we need health care reform in America?

Anyway, Tim ended up coming home from work to take her so that I could stay home with Noah, and they were back in nearly an hour. It ended up costing us $30 for a doctor to pull a piece of orange pepper out of my kid's nose!!! Really, it could have been so much worse, but how pathetically humerous was the whole event?

And Noah's version of the story? Well, he doesn't even know because he slept through the whole thing! So let's hope he didn't get any bad ideas from his sister-yet!
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