June 4, 2008

Breakfast prep

We're very fortunate that Tim's job allows him to leave a lot later in the mornings than many other husbands we know. This means that more often than not, we have breakfast together as a family. For me, it also has the added blessing that if I am on the ball enough to get up early enough, I am able to get out of the house to workout or run in the mornings before Tim leaves for work. Sometimes, when this happens, I am not back before the kids are ready to get out of bed. Without complaint, Tim gets them up and going and started on breakfast before I get home. This was the case the other day, and when I finally did get home, Tim had some pictures of the breakfast preparations to share with me. So I thought I would include them all for your viewing pleasure. Needless to say, they are not quite what I was expecting! But it did explain why there was Tupperware all over my kitchen floor when I came in!

Apparently Noah wanted to help with breakfast this morning. So he climbed himself all the way INSIDE the cupboard, and proceeded to kick out ALL of the Tupperware and containers he found inside!

He was very proud of his accomplishment! And it was all fun and games until Sophia decided to shut Noah in the cupboard, and then he came tumbling out once he managed to push the door open from the inside!

Chalk one more up for the obvious differences between boys and girls! Although Sophia loved playing with these kinds of containers when she was Noah's age, she would have never thought to actually climb into the cupboard. Somehow, I think this kid's going to be into everything once he figures out how to walk!

New Addition to the Family

We did it. We bit the bullet and became the true "All American Family." A girl, a boy and a mini-van. What more could you dream of? Tim and I always said that we would NEVER drive a mini van. Well folks, never has become now! And as much as we wanted to fight it, there was no way around it. Once we opened the door to the possibility of becoming a van family, there was really just no way around it. If we had enough money to buy a big SUV upfront, it would have done nothing more than sit in our driveway. At nearly $4.00 a gallon, a trip to the grocery store might have broke our bank! And once we got over that, we started realizing that really, a mini van is the most practical. They have the most storage space behind the backseat for all the junk the kids insist on hauling back to the Midwest when we go visit. They are the easiest to get multiple kids in and out of. Etc, etc, etc. the reasons were too many to ignore, and so here we are. Proud owners of our first mini van! Yes, I did even say proud owners. We LOVE our van! And I do mean WE- everyone of us. I think the kids would be happy to say in there all day and night. They love to climb around and explore in it. We don't even have to go anywhere; they're just happy to have it in our driveway with the doors open, climbing around. Sophia especially talks about the van all the time. Her famous, definitive quote on the subject:
"This is NOT a car. This is a BAN!" (Which she very definitely corrected me on at one point when I said something about putting my seatbelt on in the car. Oops, silly me!)

2006 Honda Odyssey

Off for a ride in the new "ban".

P.S. Let me just dispel any rumors before they even begin. One of our friends, upon learning of our new acquisition promptly asked, "When are you expecting?" The answer, my friends and family, is WE'RE NOT! The van truly is the new addition to the family!
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