August 25, 2007

Sophia's Second Birthday

I'm not sure who enjoyed Sophia's birthday more this year- her or me! It was so fun to get her excited about it and anticipating it. I felt like all we did for weeks was talk about "birthday coming" and cake and what we were going to do and all her friends that would be there. I had bought her a dress a few weeks beforehand to wear for her party, and we tried it on the first night that I brought it home, but since then, it's been hanging in the closet. I pulled it out to get her ready for her party, and she got so excited and kept saying, "birthday dress!" So I know she gets it this year!

We had her party the Sunday before her actual birthday, and she loved it. How could she not, all her favorite friends were there, we had pizza and cake, we played at the park, we splashed in the pool, and we opened presents. What's not to love?

Unfortunately, we were all recovering from the most contagious flu bug I've ever been in contact with. I thought we were all in the clear, but I was a little unsure about Noah, so I actually had a babysitter come stay with him in the basement so that I didn't have to worry about any of the other kids getting too close. Turns out that was all in vain, since we spread the dreaded illness to several of the families at the party. Oops! I'm just beginning to get over the guilt! And I realized during the course of the party how not back to normal Sophia was when I realized that she didn't eat one single bite of her birthday cake- the same cake that she had been talking about and asking for for weeks!

Sophia's actual birthday was on a Wednesday (Aug. 15), and we had planned to take her to a local water park, but it ended up being fairly cool and rainy that day, so we took her to the mall instead. We looked at puppies and rode the escalators, and I think I was more disappointed with the change in plans than she was. Presents kept arriving in the mail all week long, and let's just say that Sophia has DEFINITELY come to understand the meaning of presents. Every time we bring a box in the house, she gets all excited thinking it's presents. Yesterday, Tim went to the dentist for a routine cleaning, and when she heard him coming back home, she got all excited saying "Daddy presents!" (So he ended up giving her his freebie toothbrush and she was thrilled- I am cherishing the days when she is so easily appeased!)

We ended up going to the water park the following weekend, and it was still lots of fun. Sophia has definitely learned to enjoy the pool this summer and never wants to leave. She probably would have stayed all day if we hadn't been chased out by rain.

Anyway, it was tons of fun and now, I've decided I have mixed emotions about birthdays. It was so much fun, that I wish I could do it more than once a year. But at the same time, I'm pretty sure that I'm not allowing Sophia to have any more birthdays for the rest of her life because I kind of like the way she is right now!

Waiting for the party to start

Opening presents

Playing with one of her best buds, Mia Heck, on her actual birthday

Celebrating Sophia's birthday at the mall

Move over Paris Hilton, Hollywood, here Sophia comes! (This get-up was a birthday present from her favorite friend, Will Ballard.)

Birthday Girl

Ready to blow out candles

August 14, 2007

Summer Pics

Checking out the zoo with Uncle Eric & Aunt Gretchen

"Noah Flying!"

Noah has found his toes! (And the only time I could catch the picture was when he was naked!)

One of our favorite after dinner activities

I'd claim these cuties any day!

"Sushie glassee head!"
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